What are the types of laminating machine Features of automatic laminating machine

What are the types of laminating machines

1、Immediate laminating machine

Ready-to-coat laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, hot pressing, small size, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, which is not only applicable to the laminating process of large-volume printing, but also applicable to the laminating process of small-volume and scattered printing products such as automated desktop office system, which has a promising development.

Ready-to-coat laminating machine is suitable for color printing, packaging paper, soft sheet, soft plastic board and other laminating (over the film), can make its surface bright, colorful and waterproof function. The advantage of this machine is the quality of the finished product is reliable, but there is a fatal disadvantage is the oil-based adhesive processing, will produce harmful gases affecting human health, so this technology has been completely banned in Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

2、Pre-coating type laminating machine

This machine lamination is a molding, the supplies used have been coated with glue, lamination by heating the melting glue, and then through the pressure of the film bonded to the printed material. This kind of laminating equipment is cheap, easy to operate, and does not produce harmful gases during operation, which is a trend in the development of laminating and is widely used in short-run printing and digital quick printing industries.

In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious society, it is believed that this technology will one day replace both pre-coated films and become the main laminating technology in the domestic printing industry. The disadvantage is that this technology is not yet very mature in the country, there are still some problems to be solved, such as single-sided lamination curl, with silicone oil printed materials difficult to laminate.

3, cold laminating machine

Cold laminator refers to the operation at room temperature, no heating of the laminating machine, it is directly through the pressure of the adhesive film on the print, the machine is cheap, widely used, such as plate industry (aluminum, iron, plastic, wood, steel, glass, etc.), decoration industry, hardware industry, etc.

4、Small laminating machine

Strictly speaking, this kind of laminating machine is upgraded from internal heat plastic sealing machine, but this kind of laminating machine solves the problem of harmful gas generated by the ready-to-coat type laminating machine. Small over the film machine using internal heat roller pressure film, up and down into the film, increasing the pre-coated film heating time, and heat balance, so the film, flat, bright, and high-grade laminating machine out of the same film effect.

Only this kind of laminating machine because the heating power is only 500W, although the temperature is adjustable, but the speed is fixed, only 0.7-0.8 meters per minute can be pressed film. Suitable for business card laminating, recipe laminating, photo laminating and graphic printing laminating, especially some small printing houses, typing and copying stores, business card production agencies and studios, in order to reduce equipment input, reduce costs so the choice of this type of laminating machine on more. The market prospect of this kind of laminating machine is very good, and it can be said that this kind of laminating machine is the most cost-effective.

Automatic laminating machine features

1、Precise design of the feeding head, so that the thick and thin paper can be smoothly fed out, using a non-stage variable speed device, plus automatic edge control, to adapt to different paper to paper.

2、Precise wind head, it is easy to adjust the relative position of wind head and paper pile during operation, and the special non-stop paper refilling device can feed paper and make up paper at the same time to ensure continuous production.

3、The film unwinding axis adopts magnetic powder brake to maintain stable tension, and the unique pneumatic film tensioning device ensures the looseness of the film when pressing and starting the film, which effectively prevents the failure of the rolled film.

4、Automatic laminating machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, anti-wrinkle, easy operation, low cost, high speed, etc. Compared with the traditional laminating machine, it can laminate posters, wallpapers and other roll quality materials.

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