What are the characteristics of unintentional grinding machines with ordinary grinding machines

The tissue performance of unoccupial grinding machine is more than the general grinding machine: 1, after the processing, no need to retreat, the equipment is short, the productivity is high. 2, bracket and guide wheel positioning tissue than general outer round grinding machines ***, the center frame tissue is rigid, the amount of cuts can be large, and it is conducive to the processing of the elongated axis equipment, easy to complete high-speed grinding and strong grinding cut. 3 . As long as half of the round grinding machine, no need to hit the center hole, and easy to complete, the following automation is automated. 4, wide sand wheel is unoccupied by the structure, which can increase the processing margin of each time, which can grind the complex surface sequential grinding or more grinding wheels at the time of cutting grinding, high productivity, and wide application range. 5, the unassolded machine does not ensure that the surface of the abrasive appearance and the relative positional accuracy (coaxial degree, verticality, etc.) of the non-grinding outer table, the grinding circumference is poor when the outer outer surface is poor. 6, the abrasive appearance is prone to the odd number of sharp-scale, such as a large time, often causes the measurement scale less than *** large solid scale, and affects the installation quality and work performance. 7, the machine is adjusted more complicated, time, each replacement of different diameter workpieces need to adjust the height of the bracket, and the interval and related process parameters. Therefore, the adjustment technology is difficult, not suitable for small batch and single piece production.

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