Vacuum laminating machine

Vacuum laminating machine is a device that generates, improves and (or) maintains vacuum, vacuum application equipment and vacuum acquisition equipment. Vacuum processing of products during vacuum laminating machine to improve product processing (production) equipment.

How to do it correctly:
1. Check whether the pressing device and each rotating part are in good condition before going to work.
2. Clean up the dust and scum in the workbench.
3. Prepare necessary materials such as the required product pad (6-8 mm smaller than the workpiece).
4. Check and adjust the temperature and timetable setting values ​​according to the thickness of the film material.
5. Place a suitable distance according to the thickness of the processed plate when processing multiple pieces together (usually 3-4 times the thickness of the plate).
6. Before turning on the heating cover, check whether the material pressing rack is locked, whether there are objects on and around the guide rail and whether the hands of personnel leave.
7. During the working process of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the machine, let alone put your hands on the guide rails and equipment, to prevent the machine from automatically returning to the heating cover to injure people.
8. It is strictly forbidden to place products and other objects on the heating cover.
9. When the machine is found to work abnormally, the power supply should be turned off immediately and the supervisor in charge should be notified.
10. Do not disassemble the safety cover and other protective items at will.
11. During work, the operator must not leave the machine tool.
12. Turn off the power when the work is finished.
The above is the operating procedure of the vacuum laminating machine. Everyone must follow the correct methods and procedures to operate, otherwise there will be dangers.

According to the evaluation system and quantitative index system of the “new vacuum laminating machine manufacturing industry” and alternatives, the development of China’s vacuum laminating machine manufacturing industry has been deduced and accurately predicted from a new perspective. On this basis, China’s administrative A comprehensive study was conducted on the zoning and the development of the vacuum equipment manufacturing industry in the four metropolitan areas.

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