The emergence of the meta-universe has added new dynamics to enterprise customer acquisition

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has changed the ecological environment of the exhibition industry, and the change will be far-reaching and long-term, and the opportunities and challenges facing the exhibition industry will also change. The rapid development of online exhibition under the epidemic has exceeded the expectation of most industry insiders. Initially, some industry insiders thought that online exhibitions were only a last resort under the epidemic and would be shelved once the industry returned to normal. However, in fact, as the epidemic continues, the fervor of online exhibitions has not been reduced, and more and more organizers start to join the online army actively. At the same time, the supportive attitude of the national level towards online exhibition has become more and more obvious. This can be seen from the fact that some government-type projects still choose to be held online despite the gradual stabilization of the domestic epidemic. The business opportunities of the meta-universe are also showing like a spring. Just like quantum mechanics, independent technologies and industries such as cloud computing, AI, VR, AR, etc. are gradually realizing unification under the gravitational effect of the meta-universe.

From the current situation, online exhibition has almost become the standard for exhibition activities under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and there is a trend of “intensifying”. As to whether the online exhibition will be shelved after the epidemic has passed, the reporter thinks it is unlikely. Although it is uncertain how long the epidemic will last, from the international epidemic control situation, the impact of the epidemic will last at least 1-2 years, and it is obvious that online exhibitions will not lose the external environment for their survival in a short time.

Even if the epidemic passes, online exhibition will still be the inevitable development of the industry, just as the popularity of computer makes the paper-based office reduce a lot and online payment basically replaces cash payment, the form of online exhibition auxiliary to offline exhibition is based on the evolutionary law of the progress of Internet technology and intelligent social process, which is not transferred by the existence of the epidemic or not, but the epidemic only triggers and accelerates the process.

As early as 2018, we have already started to conceive and build the online exhibition platform – Cloud Show Power, which is based on core technologies such as digital twin + artificial intelligence + cloud computing + big data, and brings together 932 subdivided industries to build “exhibition on cloud” in all aspects. The unique cloud exhibition system of cloud exhibition power uses digital twin technology to clone the whole enterprise and replicate the office, factory and products of the enterprise to 3D display in the cloud. This not only can realize the digital world and the real world intermingle, but also can show the strength of the enterprise after waking up in a multi-dimensional way with real-life cloning, global customers online will be able to look at the background strength of major enterprises in 720 degrees, and be able to tour the production line online, watch all the small details of the enterprise products, so as to find the products that meet the brand tone of their own companies.

In addition, based on the company’s own data resources combined with the industry’s external resources, in-depth data mining analysis, and provide data taking applications, effectively combining information technology and business, thus promoting enterprise product innovation, service innovation and market innovation. The emergence of meta-universe is expected to bring innovation in the digital world and stimulate the vitality of online customer acquisition for enterprises.

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