The domestic CNC machine tool industry stable development imports are mainly

In recent years, with the significant addition of important production of vocational demand for national defense, aviation, high-speed rail, sedan and mold, my country’s CNC machine tool has also achieved rapid development, CNC machine skills in high speed, composite, refined, multi-shaft The aspects have achieved significant advancement and a series of breakthroughs. But there is still a big gap in precision, reliability and foreign CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools are now in CNC machine tool products, my country and low-end products have certain strength, but *** CNC machine is still shortboard, and *** CNC machine tool is an aerospace, car, ship and power generation equipment The essentials of the four major categories is the essential for the industrial upgrading. Although *** has implemented the \”*** CNC machine tool and root production\” technology serious special project, it is planned to have 80% of the four major cures required by the four major categories of 2020, but now only A large-scale efficient CNC fully automatic stamping production line has successfully completed the needs of commercial, key components and *** numerical control system. In 2014, *** will continue to add, adjust the structure, in this large environment, the CNC machine occupation must adjust the existing industrial structure, and the effect of high-end work in the existing mid-end, on the one hand, demand face foreign products And the joint venture product pinched the competition pressure of the domestic mid-end shopping mall, and on the other hand, we must increase development, squeezing into high-end shopping malls, get rid of the serious situation of the person. In terms of development, it is implemented in the country’s existing special support roots, and the company is the driving force. Long-term launch, demand multi-enterprise participation in common skills development, and introduce research institutions to participate, implement public-private partnership (PPP) promotion development; *** demand increase the research investment and research talent culture. In 2014, my country’s CNC machine tool will be smoothly launched in the foundation of 2013. The output value of CNC machine tools will be slightly added. Import demand is still large, but demand is more demanded to high-end products, and mid-range products are implemented abroad. Local mallization services It will also be added later. Imports from high-end mainly from CNC machine tool production, from January to November 2013, my country’s metal cutting machine tool has a total output value of 660,000 units, down 7.84% year-on-year, of which the CNC metal cutting machine is 28%, with a total output value of 184,000 Taiwan, add 0.4% year-on-year. In November, the number of control metal cutting machine was 18,215 units, down 3.21% year-on-year, and it is expected that the year is equal to 2012 in 2012. From January to November 2013, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu 4 province-controlled metal cutting machine bed output value *** high, not from 40,328, 39,215, 30,570, 21,516, except for 34% of Shandong, Zhejiang Liaoning and Jiangsu have fallen 2.89%, 2.37%, 5.34%; 4 provincial output value and accounting for 71.6% of the national output value. In 2011, in the economic recovery phase,my country’s CNC machine tool has been at a higher level, 1850 units in the month, from the first half of the year, the federation of imports is gradually improved; in 2012, the opening of imports is reduced, and the month is reduced to 1300 units. The import unit price is rugged, annual average The unit price is $ 293,000 / Taiwan. From the beginning of November 2012, the import volume of CNC machine tools was declining in four months, but the import price was increased from 5 months in October. In February, the import unit price reached 470,000 US dollars / Taiwan *** high record, import volume Decreasing the financial crisis, the low value of the high-end CNC machine is more imported; the import volume will fall below 1,000 in October, and the import unit price is slightly lower: It is expected that the number of control machine tools are in 2013. Around 1000, the import unit price is slightly lower than 2012. In March 2013, the import volume of CNC machine tools has been added, and the import unit price has fallen. Although the import unit price is slightly rising, the import unit price is slightly lower than the previous year. In my country’s machine tool enterprises actively carry out the medium-sized product period, the imported CNC machine tool is extremely unfair to my country’s CNC machine tools. According to a Jade, German Machinery and Equipment Production Federation, the mid-range shopping malls will become a fine shopping mall in my country’s machinery equipment ***, accounting for 34.3% from now to 40.3 %, Can complete the growth rate of up to 6%, to this end, the German machinery producer, in the future, especially payment of the mid-site mall, and develop local business models in my country. In order to promote domestic mid-range CNC machine tools, add some products in 2014, add some products in the new taxation: Primish CNC milling composite machining center, CNC crankshaft grinding machine, CNC gear grinder, three-dimensional printer tax, where CNC milling composite processing Center, CNC crankshaft grinding machine, 9.7% of the NC Gear grinder, 9.7% of the *** Huiguo tax rate and 20% general tax rate, the 3D printer (3D printer) is 5% *** Huiguo tax rate and 30% general tax rate . Tax reduction promotes *** CNC equipment import *** CNC equipment resolution quantity of CNC machine tools is the \”brain\” of CNC machine tools. However, because of the long-term imported CNC equipment, my country’s CNC machine tools basically adopted \”external brains\”. In 2012, import cuts, exports exceeded the import, clarifying that domestic CNC equipment levels have certainly improved, but there is still a must-have gap compared with Germany, Japan, *** CNC equipment and system become my country CNC Short board for machine tools. Nowadays, domestic machine tools, such as Shenyang machine, has increased the development of digital control systems, and developed a numerical control system with independent intellectual property in 2011, but in the violent competition with foreign opponents, the \”Feiyang\” CNC system implementation and demand enterprises Unremitting efforts. In order to promote domestic CNC machine tools, solve the problem of *** CNC equipment, 2014 *** will be programmed to programmable controller (PLC), machine tool CNC unit (including a CNC operating unit containing separate imports) by 5% Down to 3%, the complete set of CNC servo equipment (includingCNC operating unit, with a supporting servo amplifier and servo motor, the tax rate is reduced from 7% to 3%.From the perspective of import, the 2013 PLC import volume is contrary to the previous year, but the import volume is added, clarifies that the domestic demand gap is large; from the import structure, in 2012, the PLC *** imported from Japan, followed by Germany; In contrast, German products, in view of the fact that German products is more than doubled, this clarifies that the PLC opening of my country’s demand is carried out to high end.In 2013, the average price of the number of control units rose, but the import volume declined, and the product demand is high-end; the number control unit has been mainly imported in Japan, Germany is the second import source; increased increase from servo equipmentDrop phenomenon, clarify the demand, and the price is due to the reduction in the value of the Japanese product competition, Germany is still the second large import country.

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