The attention points of the plane grinder during the grinding process

The planar grinder is paying attention to in the process of grinding! Trusted that everyone is more understanding of the plane grinding machine, but we still need to pay attention when operation! In fact, the focal point of the planar grinder in the grinding process is the following: First, the countertops are cleaned with the workpiece and grinding the grinding operation. Measuring the thickness of the workpiece, put the workpiece, open the electromagnetic suction cup to suck the workpiece, and put the job to check if the workpiece is sucked. Open the hydraulic system, the start-up adjustment of the operating table stroke size and orientation, the length of the working table is controlled by the two-headed block of the working table, and the moving speed of the planar grinding machine is conditioned by the throttle. Then the knife, the bottom of the crust should be higher than the surface of the workpiece, gradually enter the knife, that is, the coolant is opened when the spark is erased, and the vertical feed line scale is zero. Then adjust the size and orientation of the working table and the grinding wheel. Adjusting the speed of motion should be low and avoid the cylinder. The above depiction is the content of the payment point in the grinding process, if you have any questions, please call us. Yancheng Dafeng District Hongli Machinery Production Co., Ltd. is a professional company that is committed to the production and development and operation of high quality mold special machine tool equipment. The company’s high-precision plane grinding machine is based on the careful design and production of professional technicians serving the planar grinding machine industry, with high precision, high reliability as expertise, and is well received by users. The company adheres to: \”Quality first, users are God\” the purpose, insist on survival by quality, develop by credibility, competing, depending on the competition, depending on the customer’s operational philosophy. The product is trusted to have a product, so that users can meet the goals we have been seeking, and is committed to high quality products is the direction of the enterprise. With the participation of the WTO, the company is constantly introducing talents, advanced technology and management philosophy, in the beginning of the \”quality-oriented\” enterprises, and innovation, innocence , High-visiting broadcuts to welcome new.

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