Talking about the Process Design of Planar Grinder System

Talking about the Process Planning of Planar Grinder According to Planning Grinding Machines Planning Requirements Planning Production Electrical Plate Electrical Components Plan, Control Panel Electrical Plan – view and related electrical wiring diagrams. 1. Determine the overall layout of the electrical components and the electrical components of the device on the panel according to the control system requirements and the structure of the electrical equipment. The electrical components and power devices of this system in the forming planar grinding machine on-site planning device are: electric motors, etc. Electrical components of the electrical control box in the electrical board include: circuit breakers, fuses, isolation transformers, PLCs, contactors, central relays, thermal relays and terminal boards, and the like. The electrical components of the planning device on the control panel are: control buttons, knob switches, individual lighting, etc. 2, according to the user’s request, beautiful and generous, uniform symmetrical symmetry, etc. The input and outgoing leads are connected to the terminal block. Planar grinder 3, according to the electrical component arrangement map and the outer shape of the electrical components, the device scale, making electrical plate (insulating plate, galvanized iron plate or frame), control panel (organic glass plate, aluminum plate or iron plate, etc.), pad plate ( Mechanical strength insulating plate or galvanized plates) and other components. The figure should be indicated in the figure, the outer scale, the device aperture, the positioning scale and the commercial service, the thickness of the sheet, and the processing requirements. 4. According to the electrical device board, the control panel scale planning the electric control box is applied, and the electric control box device is produced. At this point, the electrical control principle planning and process planning task required for the planar grinder system is basically completed. The criterion of the component is: 1 combination of components similar to the function; 2 to cut the number of connectors between components, and put the terminals in the same components while the wiring relationship is placed in the same component; 3 let the strong weak electric controller To reduce interference; 4 is a combination of electrical appliances and components, and the components can be combined to facilitate viewing and debugging, and combine often adjustments, maintenance, and vulnerable components.

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