Support pressure adjustment of flat grinding machine manufacturers

The support pressure adjustment and commutation device of the planar grinder manufacturer explains the plane grinding machine with the grinding head straight tissue, the working station longitudinally moving tissue, the work tissue landscape mobile tissue, the grinding head straight mobile tissue has a CNC stepping motor, CNC stepping motor and deceleration The straight-moving drive tissue of the machine grinding head is connected; the working station is longitudinally moving the tissue, and the transmission shaft of the reducer is connected to the longitudinal mobile transmission tissue of the working table, and the motor is connected to the inverter. The utility model has reasonable structure, good work performance and high work efficiency. 1. Adjustment of the adjustment of planar grinding machine support pressure adjusts the pressure of the pressure relay, and the general pressure adjustment range is 2-6MPa, and the weight is adjusted to the tensile horizontal in accordance with the weight. CNC planar grinder pressure relay and relief valve are mounted next to the moving die side surface of the operation, and the pressure gauge is adjusted, and the pressing should rotate the pressure relay to adjust the knob, and the pressure is increased, and the adjustment knob is to be relaxed. When the pressure is over High-time counterclockwise rotation adjustment knob, release the overflow valve regulator of the CNC planar grinder accumulator together to reduce the pressure below, the relief valve adjustment handle of the tightening the accumulator, and then rotate the pressure relay clockwise For ***, do not adjust without special circumstances. 2. The reversing device of the planar grinding machine The planar grinding machine replacement valve varies depending on the electromagnet differently apart, DC type, and this integer (native rectifier) electromagnetic commutation sac. The AC launching force is large, no need for special power supply, absorption, release fast, but when the power supply voltage drops by 15%, the hub will be significantly decreased, affecting the reliability of the planar grinding machine; DC (general work voltage is 24V) Or 12V) work reliably, shock, allowed switching frequency, small size, long life, but planar grinding machine demand special DC power supply: This machine is self-contained, converting the access AC power to DC electricity re-supply DC magnet.

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