Several lubrication products that need to be used in planar grinding machine

The application of machine tool equipment is now one of the most important equipment in many processing plants. With the development of machine tool equipment, the products used are also added. There are almost all of the extensive machine equipment, and the lathe is used, and we need to pay attention to the process of operation. Be familiar with its functions and special requirements. Beijing Planar Grinder Corporation Analyzes the functional requirements of the machine of smooth and machine tools (grease): the smoothness of the lathe machine includes the shaft of bearings, gears, rails, and ***; machine tasting oils include: hydraulic oil, hydraulic rail oil and smooth oil ( Lipid), different machine tool varieties and conditions of different machine tools have different requirements: 1, the smoothness of the bearing: 1), the smooth bearing of the sliding bearing: the sliding bearing is a common transmission method, smooth oil is not only The effect of the smooth effect also has the effect of cooling, so it is necessary to use the smooth and low viscosity smooth oil to have outstanding antioxidants, anti-wear, rust resistance and anti-foamability. For the precision sliding bearings used for the grinding spindle of the precision grinding machine, due to the small sleeve special (1 micrometer), the speed is particularly high (30000R / min), the viscosity is very small, the viscosity of the anti-wear oil is 2.0 mm 2 (40) Glossy oil of ° C. 2), the smoothness of the rolling bearing: the rolling bearing is in the machine, because there is a small friction coefficient, and it works quietly. Therefore, the machine bed has been used in a large number of rolling bearings, the inner diameter is 25mm, and the speed is 30000r / min, and the speed is included. High speed fat. When it exceeds 30000r / min, the application is forced smooth or spray smooth. It should be noted that the rolling shaft removals large, roughness, generally cannot use solid-containing smooth. 2, the smoothness of the gear: the impact and oscillation of the gear of the machine tool are small, the load is small, and it should generally do not need to use a glossy-containing additive. Oil. It is necessary to pay attention to how to avoid thermal deformation of the spindle box, the gear of the stamped or shear machine tool, should be used to use the gear oil containing the anti-mill, which is used to circulate smooth or oil-slip gear oil, except for consideration Oxidation resistance, it is necessary to take into account corrosion resistance, anti-wear, anti-rust and antifoaming. Suitable gear oils and suitable viscosity are selected depending on the variety of gears. 3, the smoothness of the guide rail: the load and speed of the guide are large, and the general rail surface is 3-8 N / cm2, but because the rail is frequently repeated, it is easy to generate smoothness, or even semi-smooth, and lead to the phenomenon. In addition to machine tool planning and smoothness of smooth data, it is the main reason for the mortality. In order to defeat the phenomenon, in addition to the fluorine-based resin rail veneer, in the improved smooth, mainly use the smooth oil containing anti-climbing agent, the guide rails are generally selected by viscosity 32, 68, 100, 150 guide oil, Spanish eagle guide oil The BESLUXLUDER series (32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220) is fitted with the ISO6743 / 4 specification, L-HG level.

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