Rule that focuses on the operation of the planar grinder

The planar grinder is mainly used with a grinding wheel to make it reach the required flatness. According to the shape of the workbench, it can be divided into a rectangular workbench and a circular workbench. The main parameters of the rectangular table planar grinder are the width of the workbench. The main parameters of the round counter plane grinding machine are the working surface diameter. The planar grinder needs to pay attention to those content during the detailed operation? Let’s introduce 7 special needs of the lower plane grinding machine. What are the rules for the need for a planar grinder? 1: Where should the plane of the plane grinding machine, what is the location of the machine, how is the equipment? It is understood that it should be reserved in the *** large sports space, and each foot screw is tight. Before and after the table, the left and right levels are within 0.04 / 1000mm. (The requirements of the device inverter need to be higher) 2: The selected grinding wheel should be able to withstand the peripheral speed of 2000m / min. Since the speed is too low, it will easily leave a trace, but the speed is too high, then a grinding wheel The price is much higher, others should pay special attention to the strictness of the use of damaged wheels. If there is conditional, *** can also make the flange if it is necessary to balance after the new sand wheel is installed. 3: The main shaft must be rotated in a clockwise direction before the main shaft equipment grinding wheel. 4: Plane grinding machine hydraulic equipment planar grinding machine has a viscosity of 46 hydraulic oil. The new machine needs to replace hydraulic oil after three months, and will be replaced once a year and must be cleaned. 5: Plane mill lubricating equipment Lubricants use the viscosity of 32 guide lubricants. (Recommend Mavweight No. 1 or 1405) Recognizes the oil volume (pool) oil per day to ensure that it is below the line. Whether the guide oil road is clear every week, or pull the guide rail. It advocates cleaning every three months. Grease is fettered by regular timing. 6: Tissue around the plane grinding machine stops adjusting the left and right strokes during the workbench. When the workbench steel bear is loose, adjust it immediately. (This article is applicable to manual models) 7: Cleaning and maintenance of dust box filter in flat grinding machines and vacuum cleaning equipment, *** can clean every two weeks. Others are the view of the coolant, and when the coolant is polluted, it should be viewed and removed in time.

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