Precautions for plane grinding machines worthy of our attention!

Precautions for plane grinding machines worthy of our attention! First, before the homework, the employee needs to support the safety of protective masks, the apron, etc. Good record; should be applied according to the grinding machine before the grinding machine, add water, check the oil label, water standard, oil volume, water volume is normal; oil passage, circuit is not dredging; keep the smooth system to clean, fuel tank, water tank must not be opened 3. Check that each handle is in a rule orientation, and the operation is not an active, and the safety protection equipment is not desessing. The various joint components are not complete, operated, active; 4. Open the sandwalker before placing the workpiece, roll the grinding wheel with hand, check the fastening, completeness and balance of the grinding wheel. Work on different material should be used to use a sandwheel of different quality materials. If the stop is over 8 hours, it should be applied to each system after 3-5 minutes. 5. 5. The operator should understand the general function and structure of the grinding machine, the transmission system, and prevent super-power use. Second, in the operation 1. Plane grinding machine open the total power switch to open the absorbent switch, press the oil pump and the grinding wheel initiated key, carry out empty car operations, recognize that the parts are correctly operated; 2. Before the workstay moves. Make sure the device’s workpiece should be regular, reliable, preventing the mainting wheel or sniper on the machine job stage, the console blocks anything to avoid damage to the machine tool; 3. When initiating, the oil pump, grinding wheel, water pump and Traffic switch. When cutting the knife, it is severely controlled the distance of the lower knife to avoid overstold too much damage to the grinding wheel and workpieces. In general, the resin binder type grinding wheel is generally selected with respect to the modified core, and each time the amount of the induced amount is not spanned by 0.2mm, and the input knife is controlled in O.1MM on the O.1MM. Core, generally use metal adhesive grinding wheels, and each time the amount of feed should not span 0.1mm, once the mold is controlled in 0.05mm, 4. The length and width of the workpiece prevent the length of the job desktop With the width; 5. The shelter does not exit the workpiece of the work bench during the grinding process. When parking, it should be off the travel of the mill, and then the water pump, the grinding wheel, the oil pump and the degaussing are rearward, and the grinding workpiece can be taken; 6. Take the positioning insurance equipment when the knife is active. When traveling quickly, the handle is fixed, and there should be anyone and anything close to the operating range, and pay attention to the workstable movement to avoid bumpy events; 7. About each worn workpiece, sample check ( About the magnetic core. Sampling share is 3%, other visual fittings specification) In front of the grinding wheel, it is necessary to ensure that the sandwind has been balanced. Time to use special tools (diamond modifiers or workpieces) and horizontators to repair grinding wheels and calibration work countertops, oneOne week correction, an abnormal phenomenon occurs when the machine is homework.If the workpiece deformation or consistency after grinding is unexpected.The grinding wheel should be modified and corrected to the work desktop;Do not do a job that is unrelated to homework.

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