Machining method for planar grinding machine

(1) Grinding machine is transported to the factory, and it is not allowed to be placed outdoors. The local shining of the sun will affect the accuracy. (2) When lifting this unit, it should pass through the hook in 10 mm or more, or unloaded with a pile of highlights, but if you have to pay attention to the center of gravity, it will not be pour. (3) When receiving the goods, check the details of the inspection and delivery order, whether the standard is common, if it is not there or lack, please indicate on the delivery order for handling. Cleaning: The rust-proof portion is applied to the machine, and the coal oil is wiped with a soft cloth. Equipment: (1) Equipment Site: Generally, the cement thickness is 150mm or more, prevents surroundment of oscillation and sunlight direct sun. (2) If the equipment is in the vicinity of the day, there must be a shockproof. (3) According to the base, the horizontal adjustment screw, the order of the machine. Horizontal adjustment: fine horizontal (envelope) places the working desk, four bottom screws before andover adjust the horizontal, front, the left and right direction should be adjusted to 2 (ie 0.04mmm). Import pump power wiring: (1) Electrical equipment spindle motor 1HP1.5HP2HP2P (220V380V440575V) 1HP1.5HP * 2P (220V440V50HZ60Hz) smooth oil pump 0.02HP (110V220V50HZ60Hz) Work light 24V20W-30W (payment): The smooth oil pump is in front of the oil tank. Do not start the power. (2) Confirm the direction of rotation in the direction of rotation in the direction of the spindle in the face of the machine, if it is reversed, if it is reversed, the power wiring can be adjusted. Follow the increase in high precision, high hardness mechanical parts, and the development of fine castings and fine forging processes, the performance, types and production of grinding machines are constantly improved and increased.

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