How to deal with the plane grinding machine

The plane grinding machine is oil leakage, is a problem with many users *** headache, but only needs to master the oil spills of the plane grinding machine and the judgment method, and propose improvement measures, it is better. Generally, the plane grinding machine is leaked, and there are several primary problems: First, the two-headed dust plate gold seepage oil is generally a flat grinder assembly, and the screws of fixed dust plates have done the rails of the guide rails. Oil comes out, the solution is that the planar grinding machine screw tape is hitting the gel again. Second, the oil volume is too large, open the oil tap cover, use a word screwdriver to adjust the oil valve switch, clockwise to adjust, and vice versa Pine 1/4. The oil tank on the rail plane grinding machine is not open, it is too light or not open, and the oil can’t overflow from the side. It should be re-opened; the oil is blocked, the oil flows to the guide, the oil hole is blocked It is oil too sticky or too dirty, replacing oil species or finishing the oil, if it is the old plane grinder, the guide rail is too stealing, and it can be changed. Third, the front and rear rod oil leaks, if it is a new plane grinder oil leakage, generally the flexible sheath before and after the screw, the two screws are not locked or the sealing adhesive is not hit, if it is the old plane grinder, replace the screw Sheet, re-clap the sealant. After the problem, you must find the right reason, the problem is convenient.

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