How to choose flat grinding machine in Baidu

The flat grinder spindle is selected to find Dafu City Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd. 14-year graphic grinding spindle production experience, continuous introduction of new skills and processing accuracy, and has cooperative relations with many companies. Product *** is guaranteed. According to the manufacturer of now produced plane grinding machines, the Proth brand is in terms of the professional *** level in the previously produced fine plane grinding bed, with 35 years of production, the skills of the skill, and always insist The development and production of fine plane grinders is carried out in high precision. Following the domestic gantry grinding machine companies, the competition between the Longmen Grinders has gradually increased, and various Longmen Grinders have invested in the fierce market competition, and they have put into the team of new gantry grinders, and the outer circle Longmen grinding machine is the product of various gantry grinding machine competitions. It is very widely used in modern machining categories. What are the extensive gantry grinding machines in the Longmen grinding machine? The bed is an indispensable part of each gantry grinding machine. Of course, the outer round gantry grinding machine does not exception, the bed is the support of the outer gantry grinding machine, the support work of the various components of the machine tool, and the positioning operations are made from the bed. Completed. The head frame is an indispensable equipment in the rotation of the workpiece. In the outer round gantry grinding machine, the head frame is used to fit the clip and position each workpiece. Of course, mainly use the head frame to end the workpiece rotation, drive the workpiece in the head frame Time points, we will find that the head frame rotates an angle, which can grind the short conical surface, and the head frame rotates the 90 degree time in the direction of the counterclockwise, it can sharpen a small flat body. The grinding wheel frame is a supporting device for supporting the grinding wheel, and the high speed rotation of the spindle is often smaller, the rotation angle of the grinding wheel frame is often less than 30 degrees, the sand wheel is applied to the slider of the outer gantry grinding machine, and adjusted The orientation of the grinding wheel frame can be completed on the grain conical surface, which shows that the grinding wheel frame is an indispensable component of the outer gantry grinding machine produced by the gantry grinding machine. The outer gantry grinding machine often has two working tables, which are upper and lower working tables. At the time of homework, the working table can be adjusted in the horizontal direction of the mandrel of the working table, mainly ending The sharpening operation of the cone is relatively small, often has two parts of the head frame and tail on the working table, and these components also reciprocate together in the homogeneous mortal machine. The supply mechanism can move the skand and the grinding wheel frame, so it is a very important part. Of course, the time division of the outer gantry grinding machine, and can also pass the hydraulic device to manipulate the step until the sheath is completed, so that the workpiece Sharding work is normal. At the time division of the Longmen Grinder, it will need many components. Let’s only introduce a small part of them, and trust everyone, you can learn about these major components in the work of the gantry grinding machine. Important role, thusThere is a more deepest understanding of the grinding machine, introducing the company to the outer dragon door grinding machine, making the workpiece sharpening operation easier.

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