How should the plane grinding machine failure?

Following the development of society, my country’s citizens will certainly have a big difference, and the level of mechanization is gradually deepening is a must-have, and the planar grinding machine with important effects in the machining process will also have certain development. Currently in many factories use planar grinding machines as a workpiece processing machine, because it has higher performance, it is also a fast variety of ***. Flashing is a machine tool that is potential in the grinding machine tool. In addition to the traditional planar grinding function, it can evolve into an outer circle with a large number of flossing beds, towns, countertops, and mills. , Curve, things, unintentional grinding machines. Let’s talk about it, how should you deal with it? First, the dust plate gold seepage oil on the workbench is generally a flat grinder assembly, and the screws of the fixed dust plate have done through the rails. From the guide rails directly, the solution is the planar grinding machine screw tangle tape Equipment is back. Second, the oil volume is too large, open the oil tank cover, use a word screwdriver to adjust the oil valve switch, clockwise to adjust, and vice versa, the general oil volume is the first clock lock and then transfer Pine 1/4. The guideline on the rail plane grinding machine is not open, it is too light or not open, and the oil can’t overflow from the side. It should be opened from the head; the oil is blocked, the oil is pulled out, the oil is blocked. It is too much oil too sticky or too dirty, replacing oil species or organizes the oil, if it is the old plane grinder, the guide rail is too stent, and it can be changed. Third, the front and rear rod oil leaks, if it is a new plane grinder oil leak, generally the elastic sheath before and after the screw, the two-end screws are not locked or the sealing adhesive is not hit, if it is the old plane grinder, it is necessary to replace the wire Rod guards, from the head. Planar grinding machines can make daily items and use of items and abrasives, etc. So a sentence, the effect of the planar grinder is used to grind some mold parts, while the mold is to produce some items commonly used in the days. Thus, our days are inseparable from the processing of the mold, while the machining of the mold is inseparable from the plane grinding machine.

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