Flat grinding machine peak forum

Big data is carried out to bring new opportunities to the production industry. In such cases, the combination of enterprises and the network is particularly important. Under the big wave of my country’s intelligence, Hui Cong Machinery Industrial Network will hold the \”Wisdom Future – 2016 Machinery Industry Summit on February 2017\”, this session will ask the industry expert media to carry out the machinery industry All-round, multi-angle analysis, strive to find a new development point in the machinery industry under the big era of the Internet, and provide beneficial information for the future planning of the company. Shuyang Autumn Hair Machinery Co., Ltd. will also participate in this forum and seek new direction of enterprises. This machinery industry brand event will explore the system from the new game from product development, production engineering technology, production, marketing and after-sales service, etc. Transformation and advancement. The HC Machinery Industrial Network has been held by the first mechanical industry brand event in this \”Zhizhi Future\” in 2016, and the rational light to the machinery industry will further put positive energy for my country’s production industries. At the same time, the HC Machinery Industry Network will join hands with the machinery industry to work together to work together.

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