Flat grinding machine operation instructions

The planar grinder operation instructions is one of the grinding machine, which is mainly used to rotate the polishing workpiece with a grinding wheel to reach the required flatness. 1. Planar grinding machine positioning machine should reserve more than 300mm outside of the sports space, each of the foot screws, and the front and left and left levels are within 0.04 / 1000mm. (The requirements for installing the inverter need to be higher) examination every three months, adjust the horizontal level level, and eat each underfoot screw. 2, the selected grinding wheel of the planar grinding machine must withstand the peripheral speed of 2000m / min. Stop the use of damaged wheels. The new sand wheel is loaded with flanges to do balance. Before formal grinding, the grinding wheel is vacant for 5 minutes. The knife stroke 800mm or less grinding machine is 0.03mm, 800 mm or more grinding machines are 0.05mm planar grinding machine 3. The planar grinding machine main shaft must determine the spindle to rotate clockwise. When booting, you must open the spindle to open the water. 4, the planar grinding machine hydraulic device plane grinding machine uses the viscosity of 46 hydraulic oil. The new machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil after three months, and will be replaced once a year and must be cleaned. Check the hydraulic oil level every day, the oil level should be ensured between the low and to the high line. The hydraulic motor must be determined before the flow rate rod is closed or closed. It is necessary to open the absorbing pressure 5, and the smooth oil of the flat grinding machine is smooth using the viscosity of 32. Confirm the oil volume (pool) oil per day to ensure that you are below the underside. Check if the guide oil road is smooth and eliminate the guide rail. It advocates cleaning every three months. Light grease is added according to the specified timing. 6. The left and right mechanism of the planar grinding machine stops adjusting the left and right strokes during the working platform. When the work platform steel is loose, adjust it immediately. 7. Planar grinding machine flushing and vacuum cleaning unit The dust box filter must be cleaned every two weeks. The cold water tank must be cleaned every month.

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