CNC plane grinding machine manufacturers How to adjust the static balance of grinding wheels

CNC planar grinder manufacturers planar grinding machine How to adjust the static balance grinding machine, often form vibrations due to the imbalance of the grinding wheel, especially the high-speed rotating grinding wheel, if not eliminating this phenomenon, affect the external surface quality of the grinding workpiece And the number of times of the machine. Therefore, the grinding wheel is static in the grinding process. 1. Balanced frame should be debugged 2, and the balance axle is put on the balance frame to let him rotate freely. Wait until you use a chalk to make a mark on the grinding wheel flange. 3, in a light orientation plus balanced block, then rotate the grinding wheel 90 degrees, if the grinding wheel is back to explain the balance of the balance, continue to add the balance block (gradually). The left and right rotation of the straight grinding wheel can be stopped, slightly slightly swing problems, and quickly and light the grinding wheel with your fingers. Why do you have a flat grinding wheel? The mainstay of the grinding wheel is to ensure the balance when the grinding wheel is working. When the grinding machine is machined, the grinding wheel is rotating at high speed. At this time, if the grinding wheel does not do static balance, it will cause the machine to vibrate. The machine is not smooth. Furthermore, the accuracy of the machine tool will have an impact on the finish of the grinding workpiece. Therefore, whether it is flat or outer grinding machine, the grinding wheel must be static. How is the flat grinder? 1. Check the outer table before the grinding wheel is equipped, whether there is a defect such as stifting and crack. When tightening, it should be gradually tight, and when the grinding wheel is rotated under the coolant, the bolt is tight. 2. The grinding wheel can only be loaded on the grinding head spindle after static balance, otherwise it will cause the spindle vibration to not get a good appearance rough surface. 3. Making wheel balance method (1) Find out the grinding wheel A (2) Do a sign B (3) to participate in the balance block C at the corresponding point of the same diameter at the A point. Participate in the balance block D, E, and still make a, B point, if there is any change, can adjust D, E, make A, B rehabilitation in the original position, at this moment, the grinding wheel is balanced (5) Rolling the grinding wheel 90 Degree, such as imbalance, move D, E to A or B point until A, B balance is balanced. (6) This adjustment makes the grinding wheel stably on any orientation, and the grinding wheel is balanced. 4: Plane grinding machine hydraulic equipment planar grinding machine has a viscosity of 46 hydraulic oil. The new machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil after three months, and will be replaced once a year, and the tank must be cleaned together. View the hydraulic oil in the oil per day, the oil level should be ensured between low and high. Before the hydraulic motor is started, it must be determined to determine the flow speed rod (such as formulation) in the closed orientation. It is necessary to open the absorbent after absorption 5: Plane mill lubricating equipment lubricating oil uses a viscosity of 32-46 guide oil lubricants. Confirm the oil volume (pool) oil per day to ensure that you are below the underside. Check if the guide railway is smooth weekly and eliminates the guide rail. It is recommended to clean every three months. Grease is fettered in accordance with the specified timing. 6: The left and right tissue of the planar grinding machine prohibits adjusting the left and right strokes during the working table. When the timing belt is loose, it is standingThat is to adjust.(This article is applicable to manual models) 7: Plane grinding machine flushing and vacuum cleaning equipment The dust box filter must be cleaned every two weeks.The cold water tank must be cleaned every month.It is forbidden to use air gun to clean the plane grinder.

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