CNC grinding machine manufacturer to specifically explain the three important issues

Regarding the grinding machine, trust in us is unfamiliar, especially after the previous existing common sense accumulation, whether it has reached the learning objectives and requirements, from the existing learning level, the answer is negative. So, for this consideration, and in order to let us further learn, the following will be professional explanations by grinding machine manufacturers, so that we have new harvests. 1. What specific requirements will generally have in the grinding machine? The electricity control in the grinder, according to the specific requirements of the grinder manufacturer, mainly two points, the specific is: Requirements 1: About the rotation of the grinder, generally no speed, Therefore, simply use three-phase asynchronous motors to drag, In addition, if the capacity is relatively large, Y-triangle buck can be applied, and then avoid some problems. Requirements 2: After using hydraulic transmission, the smooth operation of the grinder is achieved, as well as the inertia of the workbench and no shock. Moreover, this is also a great advantage about the horizontal feed of the grinding wheel box. 2. Why do you have a special person? Its lubricant initial use, then how long does it take? The grinding machine requires a special person to serve, which is the basic requirement for grinding machine manufacturers on the product application, mainly to ensure that the equipment can be maintained to maintain an outstanding application. If the lubricant is the initial use, then it is generally replaced after a month, and it is replaced by 3 to 6 months. 3. M, 2M, and 3M in the type of grinding machine, what is the specific meaning? In the type of grinder, its different letters are different, so this problem will be replied by Grinding Machine Manufacturers. M grinding machine type M, which refers to inner circle and outer grinding machine, and 2m refers to deep hole or a planar grinder. 3M, it refers to a bearing class, roller, and steel ball grinding machine. Therefore, these three mean gauges, we have to remember, don’t confuse, avoid errors

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