Causes and maintenance methods for unattractive planar grinder power light

Causes of the flat grinder power light is unlimited 1 Plane grinder illumination transformer secondary blows or has a short road point.2 fuse fu3 burnt off.3 indicates that the bulb HL, HL1, HL2, HL3, and HL4 are burn it.4 Contactors KM1, KM2, KM3, KM4, KM5, and KM6 a helper opening point cannot be turned on.Overhaul method and skills 1 Using multimeter-sensitive lighting transformer secondary circuits or inter-turn.Voltage can also be measured.If the primary voltage is normal, the secondary has no output voltage, the transformer is damaged, and it is necessary to replace it in time.2 Check if the fuse fu3 is burnt, if the burning should be replaced, and focus on whether the secondary indication line has a short circuit, if the short road point is found, it is necessary to proceed to the time after processing.3 Use a multimeter-stop blocking to remove the unlighted indicator light bulb, the filament is burned to replace the bulb.4 If a light bulb is not bright but the bulb is not acknowledged, it is necessary to check itself to the control assistant opening point, check the contactors KM1, KM2, KM3, KM4, KM5 or KM6, etc., when the contact is poor,Repair.

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