Basic operation of precision plane grinding machine

First, the fine plane grinding machine carefully implements the \”metal cutting machine general operating procedures\” related rules. Second, carefully perform the following related grinding machine General rules (1) The new grinding wheel is necessary: \u200b\u200b1. Carefully view the new grinding wheel, if there is crack, the scars are strictly stopped. 2, the new grinding wheel should be balanced twice. 3, when the new grinding wheel equipment should be taken into a 0.5 to 2 mm pad between the grinding wheel and the flange. The flange screw should be uniformly tightened, but do not transition, avoid crushing the grinding wheel. 4, after the new grinding wheel equipment, take no less than 5 minutes of empty operation with the operating speed, and recognize the equipment correctly, and the operation can be operated. (2) Viewing the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel in front of the operation should be intact, the equipment is correct, and the fastening is reliable. Machine tools without sand cover are prohibited. (3) Take care of: 1, each starting the grinding wheel before starting the grinding wheel, the hydraulic opening is placed in the suspension orientation, and the handle is placed in the low speed orientation of the ***, and the grinding wheel is rapidly feed the handle in the back orientation. accident. 2, before starting the grinding wheel, first start the smooth pump or the static pressure supply system oil pump, and the main shaft of the grinding wheel is smooth, the mercury switch is joined or the static pressure pressure reaches the planning rule value, and after the main shaft of the grinding wheel floats, she can start the grinding wheel Turn. 3, when the start is grinding, the amount is small, the cutting speed is slow, avoiding the grinding wheel due to cold, especially when the winter temperature is low, and pay more attention. 4, when the grinding wheel introduces the workpiece, it is forbidden to enter the motor, and do not take the big knife, pay attention to the outstanding corners of the workpiece to avoid bumps. 5, the wheel spindle temperature beyond 60 ° C, there is necessary parking, and the temperature is restored to the normal post. 6. It is forbidden to use the grinding wheel as a general grinder as a general grinding wheel. (4) In the machine tool using the coolant, the cooling pump should be turned off, and the grinding wheel is turned off for a few minutes, then the grinding wheel is stopped. Third, carefully perform the following special rules related to the grinding machine. (1) Unintentional grinding machine: 1, the equipment orientation of the branch plate of the workpiece, should be satisfactory to grinding the workpiece requirements. Avoid accidents due to improper accidents. 2, prohibiting grinding or absence of workpieces without machining. Workpiece processing remains must not exceed 0.3 mm. 3. When using the *** speed to change the guide wheel, the hanging wheel should be disengaged, avoiding the damaged gear; when using normal speed to batches the guide wheel, the slope should be disengaged, and the hanging wheel should be hung. (2) The outer gauge, the end grinder, the crankshaft and camshaft grinding machine: 1, before the start of the grinding, the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece should be adjusted to avoid the rapid introduction of the sandwhere to touch the workpiece. 2, the processing margin of the workpiece is generally prohibited to be more than 0.3 mm. It is disabled to grind the workpiece that does not work by machining. 3, when the outer surface of the grinding has a spline, the keyway and the flat round workpiece, the insertion is small, the grinding speed cannot be too fast, avoiding and hitting. 4. When changing the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should be rapidly introduced, and the crimping operation of the grinding wheel should be carried out. (3) inner circleGrinding machine: Before opening the grinding wheel, the commutated handle must be placed on the orientation of the grinding wheel from the workpiece to avoid accidents. (4) Plane grinding machine: 1 2. When placing the workpiece, you must cut the magnetism. Workpiece with a smaller or bottom area must add a suitable height block (generally below the workpiece 3 to 5 mm) to see if it is sucking. 3, disable grinding iron plates. It is forbidden to sharpen the end surface of the workpiece end face with a grinding wheel on the endless grinding structure. (5) Flower Jacking Molding: After the workpiece equipment is good, it should check whether the two lengths of the key grooves should meet the requirements, recognize the outstanding rear operation. (6) 3A64 tool grinding machine: Before the operation, the wheel speed should be selected according to the grinding wheel: When the grinding wheel is more than 100 mm, the speed should be 3800 rpm; when the diameter of the grinding wheel is less than 100 mm, the speed should be 5700 rpm. (7) Milling cutter cutting machine: Milling cutter disk equipment, after the grinding wheel, after the blade blade, the air is turned around, check whether the degree meets the requirements, and recognizes whether it can be homework. (8) When the knife edge grinding machine: 1, when the knife and pull the knife, it is necessary to grind from the center. After the center is finished, the center frame is installed, and then grinds the rest. 2. When grinding, the longitudinal shift of the grinding wheel frame should be clamped. (9) Circular saw blade grinding machine: According to the number of teeth of the saw blade, the teeth are high, the hanging wheel and the grinding wheel trip are used, and the pulley is used to see if the grinding wheel and the zigzag have bumps. (10) Rolling edge grinding: 1. Before the homework, the index motor should be opened first, check if the degree is in line with the requirements. 2, the hob is the same as the separator board, and the hanging wheel should match the hanging wheel. The magic program is the same as the hob roll guide, and the job can be started. (11) MM50120 rail grinding machine: 1. Through the static balance of new grinding wheels, it is still necessary to pass the test experiment. When the experiment, the speed of the speed beyond the extra speed of 25 to 50% is running 15 to 20 minutes. 2, when the rack oil pressure balance is not opened, the manual or motor lift rack is disabled. 3, the amount of storage oil in the reciprocating operating table is less than the extra capacity shown by the oil standard, avoiding a large amount of air into the oil circuit system.

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